Migrant Women’s Lobby Group of SA

The Migrant Women’s Lobby Group of SA (MWLG) is a peak CALD women’s group of South Australia and has canvassed the interests, issues and concerns of a range of migrant and refugee women in SA since 1984.

The Lobby Group has been active in raising, discussing and addressing issues which have
included how to access information services and agencies, women in the workforce, unemployment, health, education, domestic violence the legal system and childcare. The Lobby Group has women from all walks of life and has provided a voice for women from non-English Speaking Backgrounds in SA.

Over the years the MWLG has worked collaboratively with a number of government agencies and services and a range of ethnic organisations.

The MWLG has run activities for women from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds which promote:

  • providing a voice for women, particularly immigrant and refugee women;
  • encouraging the consultation of and participation by women in mainstream society;
  • addressing the specific and special linguistic and cultural needs, interests and concerns of women ; and
  • assisting women to access reliable and quality information and services

As part of the annual International Women’s Day celebrations, an award is presented in honour of Irene Krastev OAM. The late Irene Krastev OAM was a leader in the development of multiculturalism in South Australia, and made significant contributions to the community and women’s issues. Irene’s contribution was recognised by the Australian Government and a street in the ACT has been named after her.

The MWLG have been a catalyst in setting up MARIA; several Women’s Advisory Committees; MCC women’s committees; several FECCA women’s subcommittees; ANESBWA; Asian Women’s Consultative Committee; SALWA SA Lebanese Women’s; NESB Domestic Violence; numerous ethno specific groups and of course NIRWA.

The MWLG is the South Australian state member organisation of the Network of Immigrant and Refugee Women of Australia, NIRWA.

NIRWA is auspicing one of the six Australian Government Offices for Women funded National Women’s Alliances, for migrant and refugee women.

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